4 Differences Between Websites And A Blog

Blogs are websites where you can publish a journal or promote your personal services or even doing both. To distinguish the website from a blog is simple, it all depends on the content and the publication model used.

There are generally 4 basic distinctions that make a blog special from a site

1 Posts

  • It is the foundation of the blog and it is what holds the blog together. The publishing on the blog site is most generally done by the blog site owner and is usually on a variety of various subjects also blog post appears in sequential order.


  • On a blog site, visitors are enabled to leave comments, if you the owner license it, on your posts. The comment section of your blog also helps drive visitors to your site.

3 Categorize

  • In the blog, all the material that is published is categorized so that it is easily found if we want to read it again. This practice facilitates readers seeking content they looking for. Usually, the blog has software that instantly positions your posts into various classifications.

4 Subscriptions

  • The subscription includes permits readers to become a member of the blog and once they end up being a member of the blog site they can be notified when new info is put on a blog.

Some blogs are now carrying out a newsletter feature that allows a person to read your info without even needing to sign in to the website.

As you can see there are some big differences between a blog site and a site. The more differences you comprehend the more you will understand Blogging.

A Blog can be a fun and interesting way to meet new individuals while sharing your ideas if they are understood properly.

If you have a particular passion and you have high knowledge in a specific subject, sharing it is an incredible experience that can bring you great advantages from all points of view.

Remember that surely, in the world, you are not the only one to have this passion or interest.

This means that you have a possible audience who would be interested in your blog.

If you are able to determine within your niche, what gaps are to be filled and you are able to advise your audience by solving a problem or making them reach a result that perhaps they have never achieved before, then throw yourself in this adventure, it will certainly give results.

Instead even, if you don’t have any particular interests …. start blogging anyway, your blog will become your main interest, and thanks to the results you will get and the experience you will share you will be able to achieve the results you want.

To read more about blogging and how to monetize it and live with your website I recommend you reading this article How to create a 6 figure blog. It’s really awesome!

Hoping to have been useful with this article I greet you to the next.

If you have any questions or want more information about blogging or how to start to blog, please leave a comment below or a message I will answer as soon as possible.

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Dreamer and visionary digital entrepreneur, passionate about the Internet and online business. “What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.”

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Dreamer and visionary digital entrepreneur, passionate about the Internet and online business. “What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.”

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