About ME,

"What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become".


Ciao and welcome , I’m Piergiorgio Sansone let  me introduce myself and tell you why I decided to embark on this journey by creating this site.

I’m a dreamer and visionary digital entrepreneur, passionate about the Internet and online business.

This is the time to make changes, we are living an evolutionary step because all  recent and future discoveries will lead us to completely change our habits, behavioral patterns and the way we relate to people, things and maybe, it is already happening now.

We must follow this wave and stay in touch with the things that are going to happen around us. Even if you’re getting old you have to keep going and not being overwhelmed by the wave. I want to surf on the wave and not be overwhelmed, so I decided to start my blog experience and I called my blog www.evolvetodigital.com.

I imagine at this point that you wonder why.  Well it’s a very simple reason, as  all things must be.

The human being is constantly evolving

we can’t stop this process because it is within us. We evolve like the net and with the net, this process starts from our birth and stops at the end of our journey. Throughout our lives, day by day we increase our knowledge, improve our skills, enlarge our relationships to evolve and become what we feel and really want to be.

Nature has given us, a path to follow through the dreams we have as children, through our projection in the future during adolescence, through the objectives we set ourselves in adulthood and has also provided us an instrument not to lose direction, intuition, which manifests itself with the small voice within us that struggles with our rationality to be heard or when someone else realizes something we had in mind but we did not have the strength to believe it and follow it to be us to realize it.

We are what we want to be,

but during the journey we have forgotten it and our life has started to be conditioned by the environment around us, people, circumstances, fears until we have stopped dreaming, we have stopped believing we are unique and specials, we have never fed these emotions and have begun to survive, building this reality made of conditioning and impediments. This has become our natural condition our “comfort zone”.

However, I think we can still be what we want to be, we can flip over this condition start believing much more in us and build new paradigms a new reality and have the courage to be who we wanted to be, now we have the tools and the way to do it.

Take a look at this video to understand what I mean. 

This is what I understood at this point of my journey and I believe it is part of our evolutionary process. 

Why am I telling you this? Because I think those things happens to all of us and looking at my past, my childhood dreams, my vision of future, and my goals in life, I realized most of them unconsciously until today.

Now at 50 I felt I need a change on my life,  I have to evolve and this is the right way to follow.

There is no end to what you can learn and you must always be open to new things, you must believe in your abilities. The impossible is just a limitation from your mind . Sharing, helping and inspiring others people are the booster to achieve your goals and dreams.

Thanks so much for visiting, I hope you will enjoy the site.