frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions that should give you some insight into how using DLF will help you to achieve your goals.

DIGITAL LIFESTYLE FORMULA  is a path to build a long term sustainable online business, aimed at ensuring constant personal, economic and professional growth over time with the aim of providing the tools, strategies to undertake an independent professional activity online.

  • Daily money income 
  • Tools to build your business 
  • Mind and physical health care 
  • Learn & Master your skills 
  • Consolidate your incomes
  1. The first thing to do is to create a sustainable flow of money, which allows you to auto-finance your business, reinvesting your revenue in courses and new initiatives, covering the business costs and personal expenses so as not to always be in trouble at the end of the month.

    The requirements for sustainable cash flow are:

      • Recurring commissions
      • High ticket affiliate program commissions
      • Weekly payments 
      • Scalable revenue
      • Multiple passive income streams 
      • Multiple income streams
  2. Create your website to build your home, deliver and share your message.
  3. Build your list to create a long term business.
  4. Organize yourself to maximize your time and your earnings 
  5. Invest in yourself, that means to spend your money to grow your skills and your business as well.



“The Digital Lifestyle Formula” is designed to be accessible to anyone regardless of experience and technical knowledge that is not a prerequisite and is organized in 4 Steps:

  • Build your list and make money immediately,  to create the cash flow to reinvest on your education, business, and lifestyle. 
  • Take care of yourself, mindset and health care are very important you must be fit, healthy and in shape to increase your self-esteem, awareness, and self-confidence.
  • Learn to become a Professional Independent Marketer using the right tools at the right time to applying the methods and strategies learned on the courses we suggest as well.
  • Learn how to maximize your earnings, how to build your retirement plan ad save money for it

This formula meets all our needs: by taking advantage of the features of the MLM business model.

I have selected different products that can cover all our financial needs and constantly increase our skills during all DLF 4 phases.

There are many ways to make money online, but in this case, we took advantage of the affiliate program of each product that we will use.

We are able, in a short time, to create multiple income streams, accessing bonuses, recursive payments and upgrade packages that allow us to generate the cash flow necessary to cover all our costs for the investments necessary to complete the updates and increase our skills, exploiting all the training provided by any product, creating a perpetual virtuous circle.

The difference between Affiliate Marketing and MLM is into the compensation plan. 

  • In the Affiliate marketing business you will receive a commission in order to the sale you have done; more sales you have done, more commissions you get. Commissions could be single or monthly recurring until the customer renews the monthly purchase.
  • The MLM scope instead is to build a team and create a downline usually from 2 to 5 levels and you will be paid every time somebody joins the team on different levels and creates his team too.  

Whether you are an affiliate or in MLM, be careful not to confuse business opportunities with the product, this is the biggest mistake you could make, you must always be focused on the product because its success depends on its quality, ability to meet the needs.

Your prospects must be referred to the product and not to the business opportunity behind the product (commissions or compensation plan) because the risk is to promote “the business opportunity” instead of the product and create misunderstanding and false expectation of it, this is the reason why many companies have been shut down from the FTC Authority, immediately.

Unfortunately, when does it happen, you don’t have anything in your hands and can lose everything instantly. If you are focused on the product you will avoid this risk and you will be sure to build a long-term business. 

So when you are going to choose an offer to promote be sure it’s been related to a product or a company with high demand products, as well as DLF.

The profiles in target with this model are all those who seriously want to make money online, want to work home, constantly and continuously over time, it’s suitable for:

  • beginners,
  • retired people,
  • college students,
  • stay home moms

who’re looking for to make money at home because no technical requirements and special web skills are required or needed, they will be acquired and refined following the training path outlined in this model. But, even if you are already a professional marketer it’s also available for you, It is for everyone and large sums of money are not needed to start.

This is a model that provides a constant growth path over time, at least for the first year.

The objective of this program is to show the potential of the web as a source of income, to provide complete high-level training, increasing the user’s skills constantly and gradually over time.

To join the Digital Lifestyle Formula don’t need any money,  it’s 100% FREE. The cost you have to cover is necessary just for the software you need to work on. 

No technical requirements or special web skills are required or needed, they will be acquired and refined following the training path outlined in this model. It is also open to all countries.

Don’t need a specific location, you can work from home or whatever you want. 

You just needed a laptop and an Internet connection and a PayPal account.

It’s up to you about, as long do you want to learn, share and earn, you can stop whenever you want, but I don’t think you want to stop to earn money on autopilot.

No it is not a problem, indeed this can be the way to promote them in a way consistent with their potential by being complementary to each other.

 Periodically, starting from the third month I will provide you with the other programs/courses that you can join and share with your audience as well.h your lists.

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