How to build a list and make money at once

Having a customer list is a foundation of online business, regardless of the niche we have chosen, so it is the first step we need to take to start our business.
The model I developed refers to the niche MAKE MONEY ONLINE because it is the area of which I am passionate and of which I have the skills.

Many people wonder how to work home an online business, well the model that I will expose refers to how to make money online and work from home because it is the area where I am passionate about and have the the skills to do it.

The profiles in target with this model are all those who seriously want to make money online, want to work home, constantly and continuously over time. It’s suitable for stay home moms and looking for to make money at home because no technical requirements and special web skills are required or needed, they will be acquired and refined following the training path outlined in this model.

This is a model that provides a constant growth path over the time, at least for the first year.

The objective of this program is to show the potential of the web as a source of income, to provide a complete high level training, increasing the user’s skills constantly and gradually over time.

No technical requirements or special web skills are required or needed, they will be acquired and refined following the training path outlined in this model.

To start building your list you need : 

  1. A website/domain name to promote the program “The Digital Lifestyle Formula” 
  2. A Sales Funnel Builder to acquire leads 
  3. Targeted traffic to engaged prospects and generate leads
  4. Learn from High-quality training to become a professional online marketer and enhance your credibility. 
  5. Earn money as well.

To accomplish these targets, there are many solutions but we have to choose the most rewarding in term of earnings, so the best solution is leveraging the MLM business model, so I’ve selected 5 qualified products to start with : 

  • My first choice goes to GDI  Global Domains International, Inc. is the worldwide domain name registry for all .ws (dot WS) domain names. Why this company ? Because for over 20 years, Global Domains International has been providing millions of people around the world the opportunity to earn a passive income easily and effortlessly providing the program  joining for FREE.
  • Next we need to create sales Funnel, and the best choice it is always based on costs and benefits and is definitely PLS The Power Lead System. This is an all in one system to collect leads, and create list also with this software you are able  to join for FREE but  to enjoy all the benefits it is necessary to upgrade your profile to Silver or Gold membership.
  • Last but not least we need to find targeted prospects it’s more simple as it’s seems, to complete this first step I suggest you to join this incredible traffic sources called My Lead Generation Secret: This site provides 100 qualified Leads a day and if you purchase the email swipe package you will have an additional 100 leads per day. So you have 3000/6000 prospects a month targeted for work from home business opportunities. Just for $30 a month that means 0,01 a dime for lead 
  • A second very effective traffic source to increase your list and find targeted prospect is to join for free to MLM Gateway  

    This is a great place to get exposure for your business and to connect with other like-minded people. I will give you a few tips on how to use this platform to maximize the growth of your business on the next pages.

  • To increase the marketing skills the best choice, in my opinion, is to join the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and let me show you why in details :
    •  The access’s free
    •  Live Help for 1 Week with the owner of the platform
    • 2 website 
    • Personal Affiliate Blog  
    • Beginner Training Course
    • Affiliate Bootcamp Training Module 1
    • Video Walkthroughs
    • 30 Keyword research 
    • 2 Training Classrooms
    • Affiliate Program access
    • Earn While you learn
    • First 7 Days 1o1 coaching

joining this 5 software, if you trust and follow the “Digital Lifestyle Formula”, you will be able to create a continuous CASH FLOW SYSTEM that feeds itself every time you refer someone to the system itself.

Once the revenue problem has been solved, you will be able to dedicate yourself to your professional growth by following the top professional courses provided by the software, so with a constant commitment, you will be able to work on any niche using different strategies and creating multiple revenues.

Now you’re wondering why I do all this, it’s very simple my success depends on your success, so I’m focused to find motivated people and the best solutions to generate new streams of income and increase our skills and create a win-win solution for both.

Following this concept, I will provide more other solutions in the next few months to increase and optimize your leads and earnings on this first step. But I don’t want to anticipate anything, it would be too soon now, in this initial phase we must concentrate to build solid foundations and these three first steps are fundamental.

Once all the accounts have been activated, you are in the circle.

Now is up to you, everything is in your hands, your first target is to engage the first 5 people to cover all the start-up cost and to be in profit.  Second is to maximize your earnings, upgrading all the software at all levels and growing your team as much as you can.

I will do all the best to supporting you to achieve your goals.

If you want all the information at once download the Action Plan from the botton below : 

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Dreamer and visionary digital entrepreneur, passionate about the Internet and online business. “What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.”

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Dreamer and visionary digital entrepreneur, passionate about the Internet and online business. “What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.”

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