What is the Digital Lifestyle Formula

How to make money online work from home

Well, sorry skeptics and pessimists people but making money online is possible and achievable. In the next articles I will tell you how to do it, read all the series and you will be on the right way to make money online in a finger snap.
In this series, I will show you the path you can follow to build a long term sustainable online business.  

When you decide to take this path, you must take the responsibility towards yourself to make a significant change in your life, in your way of life, in your way of thinking and in your way of acting. 

When you realize it, it will mean that you understand that you will have to change something in your life and that to get what you want you will have to do it at any cost.

No matter, if you have the money or not, I will show you how to start from scratch with no money, as well.

Making money online  it’s not impossible but  common and achievable,  the most important thing is your mindset if you are not in the right mood be sure to TRAIN YOUR MINDSET DAILY following the advice I provided on my free eBook “How to start your digital lifestyle journey” available on this link  >> Click Here << 

But what’re the needs and foundations we must to follow to build an online business ? 

Needs : 

  1. Daily money income 
  2. Tools to build our business 
  3. Mind and physical health care 
  4. Learn & Master our skills 
  5. Consolidate our incomes

Foundations :

  1. The first thing to do is to create a sustainable flow of money, which allows you to auto-finance your business, reinvesting your revenue in courses and new initiatives, covering the business costs and personal expenses so as not to always be in trouble at the end of the month.To have a sustainable cash flow the requirements are:
      • Recurring commissions
      • High ticket affiliate program commissions
      • Weekly payments 
      • Scalable revenue
      • Multiple passive income streams.
  2. Create your website to build your home, deliver and share your message.
  3. Build your list to create a long term business
  4. Organize yourself to maximize your time and your earnings
  5. Invest in yourself, that means to spend your money to grow your skills and your business as well

Now let me show you what to do to get the Formula that matches needs and foundations.

Since my childhood, I have felt an innate attraction for money, but unfortunately, this instinct has faded over time, because I have not had an education focused on how to create wealth.

Today, fortunately, I have regained this instinct and without shame, I can tell you that it is part of my nature to look for money and find new ways to accumulate it and invest it or use it to help others people to live better. 

This is the reason why I concentrated and committed to build my business online and my intention is to earn my first million as soon as I can.

My beliefs about money today have completely changed, until some time ago I saw it as something very far from me, something that few could achieve. While today I realized, fortunately, that I was wrong I didn’t have the right perception and mindset about money.

Finally, I have understood that we must give it the right weight, considering it as a product, a commodity like other goods and it is within everyone’s reach, useful to satisfy our needs, that’s all.

The question you may ask yourself is:

When will I earn my first million dollars?

 And it is not a case if I say “When” because “it ‘s possible” to earn a million, above all online; it’s just a matter of time and perseverance.

This is the reason I spent the last 2 years selecting products, courses, strategies, learning business models and I searched for the best products to achieve this goal and now I have defined a path to follow and I called:  “The Digital Lifestyle Formula”.

I thought this path on 4 steps to cover all the needs we need to start a business:

The objectives of this formula are:

  • Build a system that works on autopilot and generate automatic commissions  
  • Create a solid foundation that allows those who follow the program, to grow steadily over time acquiring always more skills and making them independent to increase their growth prospects.




Dreamer and visionary digital entrepreneur, passionate about the Internet and online business. “What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.”

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Dreamer and visionary digital entrepreneur, passionate about the Internet and online business. “What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.”

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